Technology Ops as a Service (TaaS)

Building a Technology ops team with the diverse knowledge & experience necessary is time consuming & costly. We bring to you proven expertise as a service so you can focus on your core business and avoid the hassle and expense of building the right team. Expertise, which has helped companies like Speedera – Akamai, Aryaka, Skyhigh – McAfee to name a few.

Provision & Configure


In the past decade we have worked with a number of early stage companies helping them accomplish their growth objectives. We provide them with expertise on demand to design, build and maintain their technology platform. Platforms which meet the test of being secure, high performance, scale able and manageable.

Working as integral partner for our clients we have seen them through their growth phase in many cases to a successful acquisition by large enterprise brands.

Security & Compliance


We implement your security policies & ensure you are ready for compliance audits.

We use tools like Chef Inspec / Automate/ Puppet to validate if your System Components are compliant. We use the tools to help you get a snapshot of where you stand vis-a-vis standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, FEDRAMP.

We can also implement Network or End user Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to prevent data loss in operational environments.

DevOps & Release engineering


We help you deploy your software applications continuously or more frequently in line with market needs. Automated process and close coordination with your teams helps ensure no downtime is needed for deployment.

Our team uses tools like Ansible to implement multi-tier, multi-step orchestration and eliminate downtime needed for deployment. We use batch configuration of servers while working with load balancers, monitoring systems, and cloud or web services.

Cloud enablement & Migration


We can help identify what applications are ready to move to the cloud and help Containerize your legacy applications. We also help you with the right data migration strategy as it is critical when you decide to move data out of cloud.

We use tools like Chef Habitat/ Dockers to help.