We work as an extended partner for our clients and are committed to your success. This approach has served our early stage clients well helping them build cost effective infrastructure solutions as their business scaled. The robust design and implementation practices practiced by us ensures their are no surprises when you are undergoing extensive acquisition related due diligence .

Infrastructure Provisioning & Management provides a SaaS Platform for Synchronized Data Integration for enterprises.

Performance at scale, manageability and total cost of ownership (TCO) were key considerations as Garvoo worked with team to design the complex solution and pick the right components. To meet these key considerations Garvoo proposed a Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) design rather than a conventional 3 tier architecture with separate compute, networking and storage layers.

Ensuring Security & Compliance

SlashNext is a Cybersecurity company with a mission to protect organizations from the growing number of web-based phishing attacks that evade existing security defenses. The SlashNext solution features cloud-based, real-time phishing site detection.

The Garvoo team worked closely with SlashNext to initiate the discovery and design phase. The platform architecture design included bare metal server configuration, network, firewall and load balancers. This also included choosing virtualization and operating systems (OS).

Data Science Platform Cost Savings

OnRule is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform developed with compliance teams in mind.

OnRule was faced with linearly increasing data center computing costs as their business scaled. They were especially concerned with the GPU compute & Data Transfer cost for their Training Datasets as they built their AI/ Machine Learning solutions using GPU servers.

As Garvoo evaluated the GPU cost escalation issue, it was evident that a customized private cloud solution would work well.

Designing Optimized CDNs

The entire CDN platform and technology at Speedera (acquired by Akamai) was built by Garvoo principals. Speedera is the most successful acquisition in Akamai’s history.

Garvoo principals created a complete technology stack from scratch for Speedera Networks.

Speedera’s architecture helped establish it as a CDN leader optimized in streaming media, content delivery, failover, load balancing, security, visibility and management services.

Platform as a Service

Garvoo powers Georgetown University’s bridge initiative and web applications to host content and connect members.

Building inter-operability labs

Garvoo’s ZeroIT team built the global WAN optimization platform at Aryaka – from idea to market, including high end POPs deployed worldwide.


Garvoo enabled’s DevOps environment which was recently acquired by Nutanix.

Platform as a Service for AI

Garvoo powers Abzooba’s AI and Analytics platform.